The Online Presence of Golden Dawn and the Athenian Subjectivities It Brings Forward

Aikaterini Antonopoulou


The aim of this essay is to look at the strategic use of the World Wide Web by Golden Dawn in order to create affect, emotion, and personalised perspectives and therefore to promote their explicitly fascist political ideas. Videos of low resolution seem to have a very powerful reality effect upon their viewers, placing them at the centre of the action: from videos carefully presented as if they were filmed by amateurs, to rough, unedited televised spectacles and to noisy, impromptu scenes that could happen to anyone. The  essay will critically reflect on the use of new technologies in the creation of “situatedness” and “situated knowledges” and it will examine the worlds that such stories bring forward, and which are often obscured by the mass media: the world of the immigrant who is chased by Golden Dawn; the world of the refugee, whose presence in the country is often opposed; the world of the Golden Dawn supporter, who is made to believe that the immigrant and the refugee are responsible for the country’s recession. This essay argues that the worlds of temporary citizens come forward by their very exclusion from such prejudiced perspectives and asks: what could make a cosmopolitical form of citizenship?


Athens; cosmopolitical proposal; crisis; digital culture; situated knowledges;


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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2612-0496/8518


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