**EDIT:NEW DATES**CPCL Vol 3, no 2. Call for Papers. Design for people’s autonomy. Rights to independent living.


Edited by Valentina Gianfrate, Micaela Antonucci, Francesc Aragall.

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CPCL Vol 3, no 1. Call for Papers. Curating the city: artistic practices and urban transformations

CPCL Vol 3 no 1, edited by Annalisa Trentin, Anna Rosellini and Amir Djalali, invites contribution on the relation between art and the city. How are artistic and curatorial practices changing the way in which the city is made today?  
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Esra Akcan, Vando Borghi, Amir Djalali, "The Open Architecture To Come: an Interview with Esra Akcan"  
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Vol 2, no 2. Call for Papers. The new Spaces of the Common: Spatial and Political Models of “Making”

CPCL Vol 2, no 2, edited by Manola Antonioli, Abir Belaïd and Simon Bertrand, invites contributions addressing the rise of "third places", beyond the private and the public domains, based on new forms of production and the new urban landscapes of making.  
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Vol. 2, no. 1. Call for Papers. Water Resilience: Creative Practices—Past, Present and Future


CPCL vol. 2, no. 1, edited by Carola Hein, Tino Mager and Roberto Rocco, invites contributions that explore creative  practices and cultures of water as well as the physical structures that can promote societal resilience.

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**EDIT: New Dates** Vol. 1 no. 1. Call for Papers: From Temporary to Cosmopolitan Citizenship: Culture, Public Space, Conflicts and Alternative Living Forms

CPCL's Issue 1, edited by Andrea Borsari, Vando Borghi and Gregor Fitzi, explores the concept of cosmopolitan citizenship, understood as the recognition of the active participation of temporary city dwellers in the social, cultural and political community.  
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